The Gideons: Send The Word

In January, we were visited by Rich Young from the Gideons, who shared how their ministry touches lives in various communities that need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a partner with them, First Presbyterian has the opportunity to co-minister with them by supporting their work in so many areas of our society. We can do this by praying for them on a regular basis, by volunteering with them, and by financially contributing to the spreading of the Word of God by the Bibles and New Testaments provided to those who need to know about the love of our Lord. Many of our congregation have been faithful to support their work, and we have the opportunity to continue this partnership now.

In the hallway outside the Church Office is a stand with Gideons Expression Cards that can gift to others the donation of a Bible or New Testament, along with a testimony of how a Gideon placed Bible helped change a life. This is a powerful way to provide the Word to those who inhabit hospitals, hotels, prisons, schools, military bases and more. Consider making a donation in your name or someone else's as we spread the knowledge of God's saving Grace through the gift of the Bible.

Donation Envelope
You may also simply give a tax-deductible donation to the Gideons general fund by using one of the self-addressed envelopes found with the cards. Check out their website for more information about how lives are changed by the gift of God's Word.

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