Vacation Bible School

About VBS
Each year at Walla Walla Presbyterian Church about 125 children from the community join us the week after school lets out for an exciting time of Bible lessons, games, crafts and music. Over 60 volunteers come together to provide a fun, safe and adventuresome learning atmosphere for God’s precious children of Walla Walla. Please contact us with any questions you might have about what faith in God means for you and your family.

VBS 2015: 
Hometown Nazareth:  Where Jesus Was A Kid
June 15th - 19th 2015

Register to visit Hometown Nazareth now at the 2015 VBS website:
Contact Sarah with questions or for more details.

Ever wonder what Jesus was like as a kid? His mom, Mary can sure tell some stories…like about His incredible birth, or the time the family traveled to Jerusalem for Passover. And wait ‘til you hear what the neighbors in Nazareth thought of the Carpenter’s son!
Your kids are about to get the “behind-the-scenes” stories, straight from Mary!
When God sent Jesus to earth, it wasn’t as a king who lived in a palace, surrounded by servants and wealth. Jesus grew up in a small town, the son of a common carpenter. As kids hear Mary share about Jesus, they’ll discover that God’s Son faced many of the same things we do today, and understands the hard things we go through.
June 17th, 5:30pm
Our Annual VBS BBQ & Potluck on the lawn invites family and friends of all involved; children, leaders, staff, volunteers, and pets are all welcome!

Check out a video from one of our other wonderful VBS weeks:

Volunteer for 2015 now! Contact Sarah Thomson: 509-525-1093 or
  • Shop Keepers (run a craft for the kids!)
  • Tribe Leaders (be the leader for a small group of kids!)
  • Musicians/Actors (share your art and tell the story!)
WORK DAYS: Every Saturday beginning May 30th until June 13th we will have VBS prep/work days from 9am until 12pm. If you have the time, come help open supplies, prepare decorations, and even build sets! No need to sign up, just drop in anytime between 9am and 1pm on a Saturday and there will be stuff to do!

SUPPLIES: While we are able to come up with much of the necessary items for this epic week, there are a few that you can help us with. Grab a slip from the Atrium at the church and bring in the donated/borrowed items on it, or contact Sarah for a list. Thanks for making this possible!

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