What is the function of Music at Walla Walla Presbyterian?  At its heart, our goal with music is to Glorify the Lord, God Almighty, while at the same time fulfilling our congregation's mission statement:  To know Jesus and make Him known.
     God has hard-wired music (especially sung music!) into our brains to be a whole-brain activity.  That's why people are so passionate about their musical preferences. Music can be a powerful vehicle for our worship, however we realize that to make our worship services more about the style of songs we sing than the Saviour who feeds us is also to miss the point.

     For those who prefer a more contemporary style of music, our 9:01 am service features our Praise Band. The 9:01 Praise Team has two goals: To worship God and to help others worship Him. The team is comprised of a dozen or so volunteers and coordinated by Ben VanDonge.
     The music selection ranges from the late 1980's to current radio worship songs. Keeping with the "voice" of the 9:01 service, the Praise Team focuses on helping to lead the congregation in worship; not overpower them.
     The Praise Team rehearses on the first and last Tuesday of each month an is always looking for new members. If you play an instrument, sing, or have a passion for worship through music, consider joining the team. Please contact Ben VanDonge for more information.

     The place of traditional "church music" continues to be a vibrant part of our services; it is truly a joy to receive and be a part of the voices raised in worship at Walla Walla Presbyterian. Directed by Eric Aeschliman and accompanied by Richard Scott, our Chancel Choir leads the music during the school year at the 10:31am service. From treasured classics to new compositions, the choir aims to lead our time of Worship to the throne room of the Almighty God.
     The Choir practices at 6:30pm on Wednesday evenings, with a warm up at 10:00am on Sunday mornings. If you are in high school or older, and you love to sing - regardless of experience or proficiency - you are welcome to join our merry band of choral singers at any time during the year! Contact Eric Aeschliman if you are interested in being a part of the voice of worship with us!

Whether young, old, new believers, or long-time saints; music is an important part of our worship experience here at First Presbyterian. Each of our services uses music to worship the Lord, through both instruments and voices. Our groups are made up of volunteers from the congregation, so if you would like to be a part of them, there IS a place for you!

From time to Eric will post thoughts behind the music ministry on his blog. If you’re curious about what’s behind some of the musical choices being made and the thought process involved, check it out by clicking here!

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