Discernment Process Results

We are pleased to pass on to you the results of Sunday's Discernment Vote.

To remind everyone, in order for the vote to be valid we were required to have 50% of the congregation cast ballots and of those who cast votes it was required that 75% of the ballots cast be for dismissal in order for the process to move forward.

The discernment team put three questions on the ballot:  The first was to seek dismissal, the second to recommend ECO as a Reformed body to be dismissed to, and third asked if the voter would remain a member/regular attender if the congregation is dismissed.

We had our membership frozen at the beginning of our Discernment process at 301 members and so the necessary quorum was 151 members.

The results:

We had 183 ballots cast making our participation 61%

Question #1        174 yes (97%)     6 no       180 total votes
Question #2        176 yes (98%)     4 no       180 total votes
Question #3        175 yes (99%)     1 no       176 total votes

We had 22 ballots cast

Question #1        22 yes (100%)     0 no
Question #2        21 yes (100%)     0 no
Question #3        21 yes (100%)     0 no

We still have steps in front of us as the Church in this place, and further information of what that looks like will be communicated in newsletters, web postings, special mailings, emails, and Sunday announcements.  A special thank you to those elders who have served on either the denominational task force or the discernment team in addition to your regular responsibilities.

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