As you've probably noticed, this site is quite a bit different from many church websites. It's more than just a look though- the design (similar to a blog) gives us exciting ways to share information.

The site is always a work in progress.  That means there are a few things that can appear a bit wonky, so thank you for your patience and know that we're working on it. In the mean time if you find any typos or persistent errors, please feel free to send an email to our webmaster (

Here is some basic information on how the site is organized to help get you started:

The website is divided into three areas (columns)- left, middle and right- and each area has a unique purpose:

Left Side

This area is used primarily for navigation of the site. Here you will find links to our most important and commonly accessed pages.


This area is where the main content of the site is displayed. Individual pages, such as About Us, Calendar or Staff are displayed here. When new content is posted to the site it appears here on the Home page.

Right Side

This area is used to help you navigate all of our posts more efficiently (read more on what we mean by "posts" below). The names of the latest five posts are displayed at the top. The "Sort By" section allows you to filter posts by type. The archive includes all posts ever made to the site organized by date.

"Posts" (New Entries)

This is where our site is very similar to a blog. When we add new content, such as the latest newsletter or photos from a recent event, we "post" it to the site. The Home page displays the five newest posts in the middle column. Older posts can be accessed using the Sort By and Archive functions on the right hand side.

Get Email Updates

One last feature worth highlighting at this time is Get Email Updates, which is located on the left side below the navigation menu. This is a wonderfully simple way to stay in touch with everything that is happening at the church. Just enter your email address, click "Subscribe", follow the simple instructions and all new posts will be sent directly to you via email.

That's all for now. Take a moment to browse the Home page, watch a video or catch up on the latest newsletter. If you have any questions you can leave a comment on this post by clicking "Post a Comment" below or contact us personally.

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