As a congregation seeking to know Jesus and make Him known, we are active in Outreach and Service ministries, from the corner of First & Birch, to the ends of the earth.

We believe every member of the congregation is called to be a minister of the good news of Jesus Christ. The particular Service and Outreach ministries of the congregation are led, coordinated and supported by the Service and Outreach Mission Area. Members of this Mission Area meet regularly to plan and pray for the engagement and outreach of the congregation, and to seek new ways to glorify God through service to others in the manner of Our Lord.

Here are some of the ministries we support with our prayers, time, energy, talent, and treasure fulfilling the needs of others to the glory of God, and for the advancement of His Kingdom:

Pantry Shelf Food Bank
(509) 526-4169
The Pantry Shelf is one of four Food Banks in Walla Walla supported through the Blue Mountain Action Council. In addition, the Pantry Shelf was founded and continues to be supported and governed by a cluster of downtown churches. Pantry Shelf is housed in our church basement, and we are pleased to be a major provider for this highly-utilized compassion ministry. We support the ministry through our Outreach budget, weekly food collection, annual Thanksgiving and Christmas food drive, and many volunteer hours. The Pantry Shelf reaches out to feed heart, hand, and body in the name of Jesus Christ.

Christian Aid Center
The Christian Aid Center is a compassion and restoration ministry to the homeless and needy of Walla Walla. The Center is a ministry that offers hope through housing, food, and spiritual support through Jesus Christ. We support the Christian Aid Center through our Outreach budget as well as volunteer hours. The congregation provides a meal monthly, the Youth ministry provides meals periodically, and other members of the church regularly volunteer with meals, teaching, and leading of devotions.

Whitman Christian Fellowship
The Whitman Christian Fellowship is the InterVarsity ministry on the campus of Whitman College a few blocks away from our church building. This fellowship exists to provide a Christian presence and witness within the Whitman Community. Through regular worship, small groups, and mission efforts WCF grows and equips followers of Jesus to be life-long Christians. We support WCF through our Outreach budget, as well as with members who volunteer, and pastors who speak to the weekly worship. We are also pleased to be a worship home for some members of the Fellowship.

Helpline is a compassion agency within the Walla Walla region, working directly with applicants to identify needs and facilitate access to appropriate community services. Supported by area churches, individuals, and other community partners, Helpline exists to, “Affirm the worth of every person, address the needs of individual and families and our community and advocate for positive life transformation.” We participate in Helpline through our Outreach budget and many volunteer hours. Our Youth ministry and individuals give time to help enable the ongoing services of Helpline.

Young Life
Walla Walla Presbyterian Church provides financial support for the local chapter of Young Life, a large non-denominational ministry which engages mid-high and high school age youth for Christian gatherings, activities, camps, and motivational Christian speakers and leaders.


Northern Ireland

We are a supporting church and in regular communication with Doug and Elaine Baker, Mission Co-Workers working toward reconciliation between Protestants and Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland. We believe the ministry of Jesus Christ is a ministry of reconciliation - reconciling us to God and to one another. There is a particular command from Jesus that his followers love one another in the same way that Jesus has loved us. Presbyterians in the United States have a rich heritage and history with Presbyterians in Northern Ireland, and we are particularly interested and invested in the effort toward reconciliation that is taking place there.

Costa Rica
We work with Craig and Shelly Rice who are missionaries in Latin America. Craig serves with ProMETA (Masters degree Program in Accessible Theological Education) furthering the education of Latin-American church leaders.  Shelley’s passion is to serve women, families, and children from marginal communities and works with numerous different organizations.

David Eubank at a baptism
Thailand/Burma (Myanmar)
Missionaries David and Karen Eubank and their family have been working among the Wa people in the mountains of northeastern Burma since the mid 90’s in response to a call by the foreign minister who journeyed to Thailand asking for missionaries to come and evangelize his people. The Wa are traditionally a hill-tribe people who grow opium as their main crop and who worship spirits. They were headhunters until the late 1970’s and only recently ceased to be communist. David and Karen, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, oversee the Wa Old Testament translation project, and the Wa Youth Hostel there. They are leaders in a new and exciting outreach ministry, Christians Concerned for Burma, which is supported in part by Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship. David and Karen have made many risky trips across the border from Thailand into Burma teaching, preaching, planting Christian churches, and founding the Good Life Club for native Wa children. They are also very involved with ministry to the internally displaced people along the Thai-Burma border, who are victims of ethnic oppression by the Burmese government. The Eubanks’ frequent reports to us describe how they organize teams of medics, pastors, and teachers who travel inside Burma carrying Bibles, hymnals, medicine, and educational supplies.

We also assist in support and education of 13 of the orphaned refugee children displaced from northern Burma to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our two main areas of interest are the Pakistan Bible Correspondence Institute and the
Pakistan Christian Recording Ministries. Shamshad Khokhar is involved with the work of the Bible Correspondence Institute and their efforts to provide Christian literature and teaching to Muslims through correspondence classes and retreats. Edgar Pace directs the Christian Recording Ministries, broadcasting Christian programs into Pakistan as well as overseeing the recording of Christian cassettes. For many seekers in this Muslim-controlled country, this ministry is their only contact with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Presbyterian Related Colleges
Our church is involved in support of higher education through contributions to Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. In addition, our Presbyterian Women’s organization provides scholarship funds each year to youth from our church who are attending Whitworth University.

Traditionally, our church has been supportive of individuals from our congregation who have felt God’s call to the ministry. If you feel the call to pursue ordination via a Seminary education, please contact us.

Child Sponsorship, International Child Care Ministries
Currently our congregation supports two children through International Child Care Ministries. The Mission Committee sponsors one of the children, and our own Sunday School Children sponsor the other child as they learn about our global connection as a caring, Christ-centered community of believers.

At Walla Walla Presbyterian Church

Youth Summer Mission Trip

8th-12th grade students from our Youth Ministry go on an annual Mission Trip to serve in the name of our Lord.  Previous trips have included working with the Blackfeet Nation in northern Montana, the homeless community in Portland, and a service-blitz right here in Walla Walla.