The Session is the governing body of a local church congregation and consists of the pastor and 18 elders, all of whom are entitled to vote. The Session is responsible for the mission and government of a particular congregation.

Pastor Albert Gillin

The Session is organized into seven Mission Areas which have spiritual direction and oversight of ministries and functions within that area of ministry. The Mission Areas shall oversee, plan and implement the mission of the Church approved by the Session through ministry teams and organizations. Each Mission Area shall establish ministry teams they feel necessary to accomplish the ministries within their oversight.

Worship and Congregational Care
Joleen Ferguson, Mod. (Class of 2018)
Gene Adams (Class of 2019)
Gino Cuneo (Class of 2019)
Discipleship and Equipping
Fern Leigh, Mod. (Class of 2019)
Norb Rossi (Class of 201 8)
Fellowship and Spiritual Growth
Gail Bunnell, Mod. (Class of 2018)
Linda Barker (Class of 2018)
Tom Galloway (Class of 2019)
Service and Outreach
Jared King, Mod. (Class of 2017)
Adam Miller (Class of 2019)
Evangelism and Church Growth
Nancy Reiff, Mod. (Class of 2017)
Marcia Wendler (Class of 2017)
Building and Grounds
Kevin Freeman, Mod. (Class of 2017)
Don Didelius (Class of 2017)
Organization and Leadership
Dennis Rea, Mod. (Class of 2017)
Kay Schisler (Class of 2018)
Steve Hudson (Class of 2018)
George Sesser (Class of 2019)
Jennifer Skoglund, Clerk
Nancy Reiff, Assistant Clerk
Church Officer Nominating Committee
Session representatives:
     Fern Leigh (Mod.); Gene Adams
Congregational representatives:
     Dick Bunnell, Russ Chandler,
     Steve Hudson, Tom Galloway
Deacon representative: Duane Thomson
Session Nominating Committee
Nancy Reiff
Marcia Wendler
Corporation Officers: (i.e. By-Laws 5.02)
President, Dennis Rea
Vice President, Kevin Freeman
Secretary, Jennifer Skoglund
Treasurer, Kay Schisler
The office of Deacon is one of service to our congregation and to our community. The Deacons mission is to show the love of Jesus Christ through caring and helping.

Our current deacons are:
Russ & Mary Chandler, Pam Cuneo,
Marjie Erickson, Lori Gillin, Lois Hahn,
Ron Jamison, Cheryl Miller, Steve Reiff,
Deb Rossi, Cathy Sesser,
Ann & Al Skoglund, Russ & Dottie Smith,
Mary Stanton, & Duane Thomson

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