Local Outreach

Christian Aid Center

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The Christian Aid Center is a compassion and restoration ministry to the homeless and needy of Walla Walla. The Center is a ministry that offers hope through housing, food, and spiritual support through Jesus Christ. We support the Christian Aid Center through our Outreach budget as well as volunteer hours. The congregation provides a meal monthly, the Youth ministry provides meals periodically, and other members of the church regularly volunteer with meals, teaching, and leading of devotions.

Whitman Christian Fellowship 

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The Whitman Christian Fellowship is the InterVarsity ministry on the campus of Whitman College a few blocks away from our church building. This fellowship exists to provide a Christian presence and witness within the Whitman Community. Through regular worship, small groups, and mission efforts WCF grows and equips followers of Jesus to be life-long Christians. We support WCF through our Outreach budget, as well as with members who volunteer, and pastors who speak to the weekly worship. We are also pleased to be a worship home for some members of the Fellowship.


Helpline is a compassion agency within the Walla Walla region, working directly with applicants to identify needs and facilitate access to appropriate community services. Supported by area churches, individuals, and other community partners, Helpline exists to, “Affirm the worth of every person, address the needs of individual and families and our community and advocate for positive life transformation.” We participate in Helpline through our Outreach budget and many volunteer hours. Our Youth ministry and individuals give time to help enable the ongoing services of Helpline.

Young Life

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Walla Walla Presbyterian Church provides financial support for the local chapter of Young Life, a large non-denominational ministry which engages mid-high and high school age youth for Christian gatherings, activities, camps, and motivational Christian speakers and leaders.



Retirment Home Services at Wheatland Village & Odd Fellows Home