...existing to know Jesus and make Him known...

At Walla Walla Pres, we try to be real, fun, intentional, relevant, and growing. We want everyone who runs into us to feel welcomed and valued... wherever they are in their lives and their walk with the Lord. Sometimes we do that, other times we miss the goal; but that's ok... we aren't expected to be perfect!

Upcoming Events


  • Palm Sunday | April 14 One Celebration Service at 10:31 followed by a sandwich bar and cupcakes.

  • Easter Sunday | April 21 9:01 and 10:31 Services. Easter Brunch 8:30 - 10:30. No Sunday School or Youth Group.

  • Communicants Sunday | April 28. Students who have completed the communicants course work will present to the congregation their personal statement of faith.


  • Senior/Junior Recognition Sunday | Sunday, May 5

  • Taco Tuesday de Mayo | Tuesday, May 7 from 5:30 - 7:00 pm. Tickets go on sale between services on Sunday, April 28th for our 3rd annual Taco de Mayo dinner. The proceeds will go to the youth program. $8.00 a ticket per person. Free for under 3. The taco dinner will be served between 5:30 and 7:00 pm. We will have 2 pinatas, one for the little kids and one for the older kids. Come enjoy a great meal and have some fun!

  • Road to Resurrection | Sunday, May 19 at 9:00 am before the 10:15 Celebration Service, we are excited to offer round 2 of the Road to Resurrection. During this hands-on experience, families and individuals travel the path Jesus journeyed. You’ll:

    • 1. Wave palm branches to honor Jesus

    • 2. Tiptoe into an upper room and taste the Passover meal.

    • 3. Visit Barabbas in his jail cell.

    • 4. Hear a Roman soldier’s remorse for hurting Jesus.

    • 5. Celebrate outside Jerusalem where Jesus has risen from the dead.

    Start your morning with a wonderful event for the whole family and then join us at the

    10:15 Celebration Service for a special performance by members of the Northwest Community Gospel Chorus.


Children’s/Youth Mother’s Day Choir | Calling all kids! We are putting together a children’s/youth choir to perform a special song on Mother’s Day. Practices will be held on Sunday April 28 and May 5 between the first and second services in the 3-4th grade Sunday School classroom. We will perform during the 9:01 service and at the very start of the 10:31 service on Sunday, May 12.

It’s that time of year again! Keep an eye on your mailbox or inbox for this year’s MMWW registration for coming to you soon. MMWW will be the week of June 17-21. Registration deadline is Wednesday, May 22.

For those of you who are wondering what MMWW is, it stands for Mission Mission Walla Walla and it’s our in-town mission opportunity for middle and high school students to partner with our VBS and serve around the community. This year’s theme is Digging Deep and we will explore how to take our faith to the next level.

Current Sunday Curriculum

Our youth ministry uses The Gospel Project curriculum by Lifeway for Sunday morning lessons.  This is a Christ-centered curriculum that focuses on introducing youth to Christ in every lesson.  We are currently working our way through the story of God in a chronological manner.  If you would like to know more or want to explore other resources from The Gospel Project you can click this link to go directly to their website.  Their website also includes training videos for teachers and parents alike on how to better engage students about their faith outside of the Sunday morning setting.Youth Groups

Foundations Youth Group

  • Sundays @ 5:00 - 7:00 PM | Click HERE for Current Curriculum

  • Middle and high school students are invited to join us on Sunday evenings for Foundations, our youth group here at WWPC. Cornerstone is our middle school program as we build the foundation of their lives on Christ and the Word of God and our high school is referred to as Frameworks as we start to build the structure of their “homes” they will live in the rest of their lives. These are incomplete on purpose because we understand that we are still not complete in our growth and walk with Christ when we leave high school and enter the “real” world but rather, continue to remodel and repair our “homes” over the course of our lives.

  • NEW: Dinner provided

High School Girl's Bible Study

  • Tuesdays @ 5:30 - 6:30 PM | 323 E Birch Street, Apt 2 | Click HERE for Curriculum

  • If you are in high school and are looking to connect with some of your peers, we have a wonderful opportunity for you to join a group of like-minded young women and grow your faith in Christ at the same time. Tuesday evenings from 5:30-6:30pm, Vanessa Curry and Angel Saldana are hosting a girls Bible study where everyone is invited to open up about questions they have, dig deeper in the scripture and find a place to feel welcomed and accepted.

Youth Bible Study (during WFB)

  • Wednesdays @ 6:15 PM

  • If you are in middle school or are unable to attend the high school groups on Tuesday nights, join us on Wednesdays for WFB (Wednesdays at First & Birch) for dinner at 5:30pm followed by Bible study form 6-7:15pm. We will work our way through the Bible as well as go through the Alpha series. Our goal is to help all students with any level of background in the church establish and build a foundational understanding of the Bible.



Every October | Ghormley Meadow Christian Camp | $100

If you are in middle school and would like to get away for the weekend to grow your relationship with Christ, create new friendships, enjoy the beauty of central Washington mountains, and worship your heart out, this is the weekend for you.  Every year we partner with Ghormley and other churches in the area to go to camp and have an amazing Christ-centered weekend away from all the distractions of our day-to-day lives. 

Summer Camp

Students in Middle School & High School have the opportunity for partial-week camps at Ghormley Meadow, a church-shared camp about 40 minutes outside of Yakima in the Rimrock Recreation Area. Let camp be a place for them to grow in friendship, faith, and fun!

Silverwood Trips



Mission Mission Walla Walla

30 Hour Famine

Portland Mission Trip